Call for presentation of Posters at the forthcoming SADA 2011 congress

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We are inviting submissions for the presentation of Posters at the forthcoming SADA 2011 congress. There are no restrictions on these posters and they may have been presented elsewhere previously.

You are encouraged to submit an abstract of your poster for consideration for inclusion. We are limited in space to about 50 posters, and if we have more, will have to make choices. If that should be the case, we will try to allow for the same number of abstracts per School, as well as allow for any that may come from non-dental school affiliated members.

The deadline for submission of your abstract is JULY 31.

Please limit your abstract to 300 words or less and use the normal format for abstracts, stating Title, Authors and their affiliations, and the Purpose, Methods, Results and Conclusions. If it has been presented elsewhere, please state at which congress. Please disclose any affiliation with and financial interest in a company or a product related to the subject matter of the poster and put this disclosure on the poster.


Awards will be presented to the most outstanding poster presented, as well as to the runner-up.

ELIGIBILITY: The first (presenting) author of any poster presented at the meeting will be eligible for the prize.

ADJUDICATION: The Heads of Schools will comprise the panel to review the posters.

ATTENDANCE: One of the authors (if more than one) must be designated as the presenting author who will be eligible for the award. This author must be present during the specified time during the conference (currently Friday the 2nd at 17h30) to be able to answer questions for clarification from the judging panel. Presenters who fail to attend at that time will not be eligible for the awards.

AWARD: First prize will be for the travel, registration and accommodation to an international conference of the winner’s choice (under the normal conditions of University lecturers) but may have a maximum relative value. Second prize will for the travel, registration and accommodation to a local conference of the winner’s choice. Prizes must be taken up before the SADA 2012 conference takes place. SADA and the judging panel reserve to make only one award, or not to make any awards if not considered to be at the required standard.

PRESENTATION: The award will be presented at the social function on Friday.


SADA has issued guidelines for presenters at its conferences and the following will apply to the poster presentations:

  1. Commercial promotion, solicitation or sales of any type shall not be included.
  2. Generic or common names of products should be used, but trade names of products can be used for identification and clarification purposes when this is deemed to be of value to the reader.
  3. The maximum poster dimensions should be 120cm by 100cm. You are responsible for setting up your poster and SADA will not be responsible for any posters and materials left after the conference.
  4. Prizewinners will be asked to leave their posters in place for the duration of the congress.
  5. Views expressed by the presenters at the SADA 2011 Meeting are solely their own and do not necessarily reflect the positions or policies of the SADA. The SADA reserves the right to cancel or modify its programme as circumstances might dictate.


Please email your abstracts to:

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