Community Outreach

The academy recognises that oral health is an integral part of general health and well-being and is committed to addressing the glaring disparities in oral health in South Africa which persists and continues to grow. This silent epidemic disproportionately affects the nation’s poor, the elderly and the disabled.

The figures are staggering. Of the total population in South Africa, only 16% are covered by third party insurance and make use of the private sector for their health services. The remaining 84% are dependent on the state for their health services. To make matters worse, more than 80% of the oral health workforce work in the private sector. In other words, private dental practice serves less than 20% of the total population.

The average rate of edentulism for the total population in South Africa has been measured at 11%, translating to 1.6 million edentulous people. Of this 1.6million, 500 000 do not have any dentures at all and much of the 1.1 million denture wearers were found to have unsatisfactory dentures and could not afford new dentures.

A large portion of denture wearers in SA fall outside the market that can afford the services of a privately practicing prosthodontist and are as a result left to the mercy of unscrupulous “quacks”.

The academy is currently looking at developing programmes which will provide dentures for the poor and destitute. We are appealing to all prosthodontists to volunteer their services and will also be appealing to our dental technicians to assist us and dental suppliers to provide teeth for this project.

Watch this space to see how you can help!