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(Adopted at the Annual General Meeting on 21 March 1996, subject to approval by the SADA, Updated 25 August 2008)

Modified (memberships) at the Annual General Meeting on 05 September 2004

1. The Name

The name of the Association is “the Academy of Prosthodontics” (SA), hereinafter referred to as the Academy.

2. Object of the Academy

2.1 To be active in the advancement of knowledge in the science and art of prosthodontics by regional study group, scientific discussions and congresses.

2.2 To consider matters of interest to the Prosthodontist as a practitioner

2.3 To promote the maintenance of professional and ethical standards in the dental profession

2.4 To maintain close association with PROSSA and other specialist groups

2.5 To increase public and professional awareness of the specialty of prosthodontics

2.6 To make relevant inputs regarding training and registration of Specialist Prosthodontists in South Africa.

2.7 To seek international affiliation and recognition

3. Organisation

3.1 The Academy shall be a Special Group of The South African Dental Association complying with its Articles and By-laws.

3.2 The income and property of the Academy shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the objects of the Academy. No profit shall pass to any member of the Academy, or other person.

3.3 Upon dissolution of the Academy, its assets, after satisfaction of all its liabilities, shall be transferred to The South African Dental Association.

4. Membership

Members of the Academy shall be elected to one of the five categories: Ordinary, Associate, Student, Honorary, Distinguished and Retired.

4.1 Ordinary membership shall be limited to Specialist Prosthodontists registered as such with the Statutory Council.

4.2 Student membership may be granted to Prosthodontic registrars of all South African Dental Faculties.

4.3 Associate membership may be granted to dentists, registered with the Statutory Council, who have additional qualifications relevant to prosthodontics, Associate membership shall be based on proposal by an Ordinary member only, seconded by 2 Ordinary members and supported by a two-thirds majority of Ordinary members present at the Annual General Meeting in person or by proxy. The number of Associate members shall not exceed 20.00% of the number of ordinary members at the time of acceptance of the membership.

4.4 Honorary membership may be conferred by the Academy on an individual in recognition of distinguished service or achievement related to prosthodontics or an allied science. Honorary membership shall be based on proposal by an Ordinary member only, seconded by 2 Ordinary members and supported by a two-thirds majority of Ordinary members present at the Annual General Meeting in person or by proxy, or by postal ballot.

4.5 Distinguished membership may be bestowed on persons who are not necessarily registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa, but who, in the opinion of APSA, have made a substantial contribution to Prosthodontics.

4.6 Retired membership may be granted to those Ordinary members that have retired from active or full time Prosthodontic practice. Retired membership must be applied for and will have the same rights as an Ordinary member. Membership is free.

4.7 The total number of Ordinary members who are not members of the South African Dental Association (SADA), shall be limited to 20.00% of the total membership of the Academy.

4.8 Only members of the South African Dental association are entitled to serve as office bearers.

4.9 All ordinary members have the right to:

4.9.1 vote in election of office bearers.
4.9.2 participate in all deliberations and decisions of the Academy.

4.10 Student, Associate and Distinguished members shall have the right to:

4.10.1 attend all meetings of the Academy, but without voting privileges
4.10.2 be co-opted to committees of the Academy

4.11 Application for Ordinary or Student membership shall be by completion of an Application Form submitted with the annual fee payable by the applicant, presented to and approved by the members at the first general meeting following the application.

4.12 Annual fees payable by members shall be determined by the Annual General Meeting and become due and payable on 1st January of each year.

4.13 Termination of membership may be by:

4.13.1 resignation in writing
4.13.2 failure to pay annual fees within 3 months of such fees being due
4.13.3 professional misconduct resulting in deletion from any statutory register.

5. The Annual and Special General Meetings

5.1 The Annual General Meeting of the Academy shall be held annually at such time and at such place as determined by the Executive Committee.

5.2 The Executive Committee may convene a Special General Meeting whenever it is deemed necessary to do so, or on written requisition of at least ten Ordinary members. Such meeting will consider business stated in the notice of the meeting.

5.3 Not less than forty days notice of a General Meeting shall be given to members and shall include the place, day and hour of the meeting and the nature of the business to be considered at that meeting.

5.4 No business shall be conducted at any General Meeting unless a quorum of at least fifteen Ordinary members is present, of which at least ten shall be present in person and the remainder by proxy.

5.5 If a quorum is not present at any General Meeting after half an hour from the starting time appointed, then the meeting shall be adjourned without notice to the same day, one week later. The Ordinary members present at that adjourned meeting being at least three, shall constitute a quorum and shall transact the business for which the meeting was called.

5.6 At any General Meeting, a resolution put to the vote shall be decided by a show of hands, unless a poll is demanded by:

5.6.1 the Chairman of the Meeting or
5.6.2 not less than three Ordinary members present

5.7 Every Ordinary member present at a General Meeting in person or by proxy shall have one vote. A proxy shall be appointed in writing and be signed by the Ordinary member granting it. A proxy shall be valid for any adjournment of the General Meeting for which it was given.

5.8 The election of office bearers to the Executive Committee shall take place annually at the Annual General Meeting.

5.9 Papers relating to subjects of interest in the field of prosthodontics may be presented at the Annual General Meeting. Members or other persons shall be invited to present papers by the Executive Committee, for which the cost of presentation materials will be paid by the Academy, at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

6 The Executive Committee of the Academy

6.1 The Executive Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and shall consist of:

6.1.1 the President
6.1.2 the Immediate Past-President
6.1.3 the President-Elect
6.1.4 the Secretary/Treasurer
6.1.5 one additional Ordinary Member

6.2 The duties of the officers shall be those ordinarily associated with their official titles and such other duties as the Academy may assign.

6.3 The President will address the Academy at each Annual General Meeting.

6.4 The Secretary/Treasurer will present an audited financial statement at each Annual General Meeting.

6.5 The Secretary/Treasurer will submit a copy of the minutes of all Executive Committee meetings to all members of the Executive Committee.

6.6 The Secretary/Treasurer will circularize a copy of the minutes of a General Meeting to all members of the Academy.

6.7 The Executive Committee shall have the authority to act on behalf of the Academy from day-to-day, and be responsible for the efficient running of the affairs of the Academy.

6.8 Three members present shall constitute a quorum for the purpose of conducting the business of meetings of the Executive Committee.

6.9 The term of office of any member of the Executive Committee shall not exceed two consecutive terms, at any one time. A term is two years.

6.10 The travel costs for meetings of the Executive Committee shall be borne by the Academy for members traveling from outside the province of the venue of the meetings, as considered reasonable by the Executive Committee.

6.11 The Executive Committee shall have the power to co-opt other members.

6.12 To preserve continuity, the Executive Committee in office at the commencement of the Annual General Meeting shall function until the end of the meeting. The outgoing Committee and the newly elected Committee shall meet directly after the Annual General Meeting for the purpose of handing-over of records and documents.

7. Amendments to the Constitution

A motion to amend the Constitution formally proposed and seconded by 2 members shall be adopted by the approval of a majority of two-third of Ordinary members present in person or by proxy at the Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting or adjournment of such meeting. The requirements of a quorum for the particular meeting shall be met, as contained in the articles of the Academy.

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